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DAE SMB350-UL-8-B Kit Free shipping on posting reviews Credence UL channels multi-func multi-circuit 24

DAE SMB350-UL-8-B Kit, UL, 24 channels multi-circuit, multi-func


DAE SMB350-UL-8-B Kit, UL, 24 channels multi-circuit, multi-func

Product description

Pattern Name:24 Circuits w/CTs

Monitor up to 24 single phase circuits or 8 separate 3-phase circuits.
Modbus/RTU over RS485 communication, Max Voltage : 80~350 VAC (L-N), 600 VAC (L-L), Frequency : 50 or 60 Hz.
Display kWh, real time kW, volts, amps, power factor, apparent power (kVA), reactive power (kVAr), reactive energy (KVArh), frequency.
Auxiliary Power: AC 120 or 240V, ±10%
2 lines, 16 characters LCD display for easy set-up and programing.
Depending on your electrical system you will need: 1 CT for 120v 1 phase 2 wire (1 hot wire, 1 neutral) circuit(3rd picture); 1 CT for 240v 1 phase 2 wire (2 hot wires) circuit(7th picture); 2 CTs for 120/240V 1 phase 3 wire (2 hot wire, 1 neutral) electrical panel (4th picture); 2 CTs for 208V or 480V 3 phase 3 wire (3 hot wire, no neutral) electrical panel (5th picture); 3 CTs for 120/208V or 277/480V or 347/600V 3 phase 4 wire (3 hot wire, 1 neutral) electrical panel (6th picture).
Non-volatile Memory, the stored data is maintained through power outages.
No conversion factor or multiplier required.
Compatible with Touch Panel (like DAE ACS35, see DAE website for details) for remote display.
Current Transformers (CTs) are not direction sensitive. It does not matter if the contractors install the CTs with wrong direction of current. DAE meters can detect it and compensate it.
DAE’s CTs are exactly the same and exchangeable among all the meters including Polaris 1000, 1500, 2000, 2500, 3000 and SMB 350 multi-circuit, multi-function meters.
Current sensors (CTs) accuracy will not be affected when the CTs are mounted up to 2000 feet away from the meter.
Applications: Multi-apartments, commercial properties, RV parks, mobile homes, marinas.
Five year warranty from the Seller
For the buyers outside of USA, in addition to the tax, the carriers may charge brokerage fee.
See DAE Controls website for more information.

DAE SMB350-UL-8-B Kit, UL, 24 channels multi-circuit, multi-func

Strings & Text
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