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Lily of France Womens Sensational Push Up Bra 2175250


Lily of France Womens Sensational Push Up Bra 2175250

Product description

Discover our softest push up bra ever. The Lily of France sensational push up bra has ultra-soft pads that provide the perfect lift and comfort. You'll love the feel of this bra! The insides of the cups are pillowy soft. Adjustable back straps and silky stretch fabric ensure a great fit. 2-Way adjustable straps for versatility. Wear traditional or crisscross. Soft lace on the straps and center for that extra wow factor. For lift with unbelievable comfort, choose the Lily of France sensational push up bra.

From the manufacturer

Lily of France Womens Sensational Push Up Bra 2175250

Strings & Text
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