$63 Fusion Climb Ovatti Military Tactical Edition Steel Auto Lock Ov Tools Home Improvement Safety Security Fusion Climb Bargain sale Ovatti Military Tactical Ov Auto Steel Lock Edition Military,Climb,Tools Home Improvement , Safety Security,Steel,Lock,$63,/alembicate1052863.html,Auto,mybitcart.com,Edition,Tactical,Ovatti,Ov,Fusion Military,Climb,Tools Home Improvement , Safety Security,Steel,Lock,$63,/alembicate1052863.html,Auto,mybitcart.com,Edition,Tactical,Ovatti,Ov,Fusion $63 Fusion Climb Ovatti Military Tactical Edition Steel Auto Lock Ov Tools Home Improvement Safety Security Fusion Climb Bargain sale Ovatti Military Tactical Ov Auto Steel Lock Edition

Ranking TOP11 Fusion Climb Bargain sale Ovatti Military Tactical Ov Auto Steel Lock Edition

Fusion Climb Ovatti Military Tactical Edition Steel Auto Lock Ov


Fusion Climb Ovatti Military Tactical Edition Steel Auto Lock Ov

Product description

Fusion Climb Ovatti Military Tactical Edition Steel Auto Lock Oval Symmetrical Anchor Carabiner with Captive Eye Pin Gold 10-Pack

- Outer Dimension: 4.25" x 2.375" x 0.375"
- Inner Dimension: 3.375" x 1.3"
- Weight: 0.43lbs
- Gate Opening: 0.75"
- MBS: 27kN Major Axis, 9kN Minor Axis, 9kN Open Gate
- Construction: Alloy Steel
- Comes with Captive Eye Pin that Can be Installed after Application on Lanyards or Loops
- Oval-Shaped Carabiner Decreases the Chance of Cross Loading the Gate
- Strong and Versatile with An Alloy Steel Body and Auto Locking Mechanism
- Auto-Locking Decreases the Possiblity User Might Forget to Lock the Gate and Prevents the Gate from Unlocking by Vibrations While Working
- The Oval Design Places Equal Amount of Force in the Spine and Gate Allowing the Carabiner to Maintain Full Rated Strength Regardless of the Width Of Webbing or Rope Clipped Into
- Easy to Handle and Clip with any Pulley for Climbing Applications
- Meets ANSI Z359.1 and EN 12275 Standards

Fusion Climb Ovatti Military Tactical Edition Steel Auto Lock Ov

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