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LAUT - Qi Popular brand Base Wireless Charger overseas 10W Certified Fast

LAUT - Qi Base Wireless Charger | Qi Certified 10W Fast Charger


LAUT - Qi Base Wireless Charger | Qi Certified 10W Fast Charger

Product description

Color:Marble White

Speed up your charging with the LAUT Qi Base Wireless Charger, featuring up to 10W fast charging - stable and continuous. Uniquely designed with a marble texture surface and a premium housing made of Aerograde aluminum. Qi Base also has 4 anti-slip pads preventing your phone from sliding away, along with Overheat Protection safety standard to ensure a peace of mind while your device is being wirelessly charged during your sleep. Compatible with any Qi-enabled device, Qi Base Wireless Charger offers a fast and rapid charging solution whenever you need it.

  • Compatible with any Qi-enabled device
  • Works effectively on up to 3.5mm thick cases
  • Up To 10W of fast charging power
  • Overheat protection
  • Premium aerograde aluminium casing
  • Stylish design

Input: DC 5.0V - 2.0V DC 9.0V - 1.8A

Output: 5W/7.5W/10W (Fast Charge)

Rate frequency: 110 - 205KHz

In the box

  • Qi Base Wireless Charger
  • 18cm Micro USB cable included

Safety Information:

1. Use the product exclusively for this intended purpose.

2. Protect and the product from dirt, moisture and overheating. Use it only in dry environments.

Qi charge speed will vary depending on the compatibility of the device.

Qi Base qualifies for a limited 1 year warranty from original purchase date.

LAUT - Qi Base Wireless Charger | Qi Certified 10W Fast Charger

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