/countermotion1251567.html,Round,Series,Designs,mybitcart.com,Collection,Candice,Sophia,Home Kitchen , Furniture,Upholstered,Sole,$83 $83 Sole Designs Candice Series Sophia Collection Round Upholstered Home Kitchen Furniture Sole Designs Year-end annual account Candice Series Round Collection Sophia Upholstered /countermotion1251567.html,Round,Series,Designs,mybitcart.com,Collection,Candice,Sophia,Home Kitchen , Furniture,Upholstered,Sole,$83 $83 Sole Designs Candice Series Sophia Collection Round Upholstered Home Kitchen Furniture Sole Designs Year-end annual account Candice Series Round Collection Sophia Upholstered

Sole Designs Year-end annual account Candice 67% OFF of fixed price Series Round Collection Sophia Upholstered

Sole Designs Candice Series Sophia Collection Round Upholstered


Sole Designs Candice Series Sophia Collection Round Upholstered

Product description

Color:Bay Blue

Quickly add a seat with the Sole Designs Sophia Collection Ottoman. The round ottoman measures 22 inch L x 22 inch W x 18 inch H and weighs 17.2 lbs. Requires minor assembly. The ottoman has a durable wood base. Features a delightful round shape and gorgeous espresso finished wood legs. The seat is covered in soft foam and fabric for comfort. Perfect in any setting. Sole Designs is an industry leader in the manufacturing and design of elegant contemporary home furnishings. Proudly made in the USA.

Sole Designs Candice Series Sophia Collection Round Upholstered

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