Sling Shot Mark Luxury Bell Strong 1 Pair Knee Sleeves $58 Sling Shot Mark Bell Strong Knee Sleeves, 1 Pair Sports Outdoors Sports Fitness $58 Sling Shot Mark Bell Strong Knee Sleeves, 1 Pair Sports Outdoors Sports Fitness Mark,Knee,$58,,Sleeves,,Sports Outdoors , Sports Fitness,/diastatically1051970.html,Bell,Sling,1,Pair,Shot,Strong Mark,Knee,$58,,Sleeves,,Sports Outdoors , Sports Fitness,/diastatically1051970.html,Bell,Sling,1,Pair,Shot,Strong Sling Shot Mark Luxury Bell Strong 1 Pair Knee Sleeves

Sling Shot Mark Luxury quality assurance Bell Strong 1 Pair Knee Sleeves

Sling Shot Mark Bell Strong Knee Sleeves, 1 Pair


Sling Shot Mark Bell Strong Knee Sleeves, 1 Pair

From the brand

Mark Bell
Mark Bell
Mark Bell Sling Shot

Our story

How we got our start?
Mark was struck with an idea on how he could train his chest while injured (torn pec) and came up with the idea for the Original Sling Shot back in 2008. Two years later he released the patented product online and it quickly became the go to device for anyone wanting to bench press.
What makes our product unique?
All of the products we make are created with one goal in mind: To help you workout smarter and safer. Used by the world’s best athletes, we stand behind all our products and put them through rigorous testing before we offer them for sale.
Why we love what we do?
Mark has been lifting since he was 12 years old and stands by his mantra to “make the world a better place to lift”. Sling Shot products will help you do that!

Product Description

Our patented design knee sleeves are comparable in strength to a light knee wrap, but with the convenience and comfort of leaving them on throughout the entire workout. The Strong Knee Sleeves provide compression with strong rebound to allow a lifter to take on max weights with confidence.

  • Support For Max Effort Movements
  • Provides Warmth amp; Compression For Dynamic Movements
  • Provides Sling Shot Effect To Lift More Weight
  • Can Be Used During Your Entire Workout
  • Stiff amp; Secure So That Sleeves Do Not Move Once On Your Knee
sling shot sport sleeves black mark bell sling shot knee sleeves black mark bell strong knee sleeves black mark bell grippy x sleeves knee black mark bell
Sling Shot Sport Knee Sleeves Sling Shot Knee Sleeves 2.0 STrong Knee Sleeves Grippy "X" Knee Sleeves
Level 1 2 3 4
Thickness 5 mm 7 mm 7 mm 6 mm
Length 25 cm 27 cm 29 cm 29 cm
Outside Material 4-way stretch, polyester covered neoprene 4-way stretch, polyester covered neoprene 2-way stretch, polyester covered neoprene No stretch, stiff fabric front panel
Best Used For Light training to everyday use Moderate training to more demanding everyday use Moderate to heavy training Heavy to extreme training
Unique Features Wear comfortably all day with light compression Wear for entire workout and extended periods of time Patented single-seam for great support and comfort Secured-fit technology grippy liner to prevent sliding and slippage
Federation Approval USPA Approved, IPF Approved USPA Approved, IPF Approved USPA Approved, IPF Approved USPA Approved
Can I Downsize? 1-2 sizes 1-2 Sizes 1 Size Max No

Sling Shot Mark Bell Strong Knee Sleeves, 1 Pair

Improving global health through universal access to physiotherapy knowledge

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