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Womens Turtleneck Long Sleeve Casual Sweater Pullover 67% OFF of Cheap fixed price Kni Chunky

Womens Turtleneck Long Sleeve Casual Chunky Pullover Sweater Kni


Womens Turtleneck Long Sleeve Casual Chunky Pullover Sweater Kni

Product Description


Women Long Sleeve Turtle Neck Pulllover Sweaers For Cold Season!

Loose casual chunky design easy to dress up and down, baggy style bring you a slouchy style

The sweater with loose turtleneck design,it won't be tight,it will give enough moving space

Turtleneck pullover sweater keep you neck warm when it's chilly outside,A must have for your winter

Unique contrast tripe long sleeves with color blocking design make your modest in this season


Size Measurement(in inches):

Size S----Bust 102cm/40.16''----Sleeve Length 64cm/25.20''----Length 66cm/25.98''

Size M----Bust 108cm/42.52''----Sleeve Length 65cm/25.59''----Length 67cm/26.38''

Size L----Bust 116cm/45.67''----Sleeve Length 66cm/25.98''----- Length 68cm/26.77''

Size XL----Bust 124cm/48.82''----Sleeve Length 67cm/26.38''---Length 69cm/27.17''

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Womens Turtleneck Long Sleeve Casual Chunky Pullover Sweater Kni

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