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Excellent Premiere Men's Colorful Paisley Designer Shirt OFFicial mail order Flo Fashion Dress

Premiere Men's Colorful Paisley Designer Fashion Dress Shirt Flo


Premiere Men's Colorful Paisley Designer Fashion Dress Shirt Flo

Product Description

dress shirts
Premiere Dress Shirts
Premiere Dress Shirts
Premiere Dress Shirts

As all shirts fit and measure differently, we try to help our customers to figure out the best and easiest way to determine their sizes.

If you take a shirt that fits you best, lay it flat, buttoned and measure it from armpit to armpit and compare it to one of these measurements below.

Size Small is 22.5 inches

Size Medium is 23 inches

Size Large is 24 inches

Size XL is 25 inches

Size 2XL / XXL is 26.5 inches

Size 3XL / XXXL is 27 inches

Size 4XL / XXXXL is 28 inches

Size 5XL / XXXXXL is 28.5 inches

Premiere Men's Colorful Paisley Designer Fashion Dress Shirt Flo

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