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SS Superman Tie Clip Red

Product description

Material:plated base Size (Approx.):2.125 x 0.875 inches

SS Superman Tie Clip Red

PhytoKeys is a peer-reviewed, open access, rapidly published journal, launched to accelerate research and free information exchange in taxonomy, phylogeny, biogeography and evolution of plants. The journal applies cutting-edge technologies in publishing and preservation of digital materials to meet the highest possible standards of the cybertaxonomy era.

PhytoKeys publishes papers in systematic Botany containing taxonomic/floristic data on any taxon of any geological age from any part of the world on the following topics: descriptions of new taxa, taxonomic revisions of extant and fossil plant groups, checklists and catalogues, phylogenetic and evolutionary analyses, papers in descriptive and/or historical biogeography, methodology papers, monographs, etc. Extensive floristic overviews on a group in a country or larger region are welcome. Short floristic contributions may be considered if they are based on significant or unexpected discovery.

Journal Impact Factor: 1.635
Q Values
Plant Sciences
Scopus CiteScore 2020: 1.8
Q Values
Ecology, Evolution, Behavior and Systematics
Plant Science
CiteScoreTracker 2021: 1.9 (updated monthly)
Publication types: Research Papers, Review Papers, Forum Papers, Data Papers, Software Descriptions, Editorials, Short Communications, Correspondences, Corrigenda, Monographs
ISSN 1314-2003 (online) | ISSN 1314-2011 (print)
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