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Cayro 863 Toy


Cayro 863 Toy

Product description

Product Description

A memory game in which you must throw the die and find the stick with the colour indicated. If you don't pick the right colour out it back and remember where it is. Includes 18 wooden sticks with 6 different coloured ends. To start to play just place the sticks in the pot. We have based this proposed classification of toys on recent studies and investigations, as well as recent domestic and international classification systems. Our proposal aims to be coherent, unified and practical at all times. 1. Visual perception: Perceptual ability to visually differentiate the objects multiple characteristics. 2. Motor skills: Ability to perform different movements with adequate precision. 3. Hand-eye coordination: The ability to synchronize visual perception with precise manual movement. 4. Spatial orientation: The ability to maintain oneself in a space with the help of spatial references in relation to the surrounding area. 5. Reasoning: - Concrete: Ability to select forms, categories and objects, and then link them together. - Abstract: The ability of thought to systematically analyse the possible combinations of elements or ideas to discover specific relationships. 6. Concentration: Ability to detach oneself and keep the focus on certain elements.

Set Contains:

1 x Children Colorfind

Cayro 863 Toy

Lady Estrella
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Celebrities' New Fashion Designer: Pınar Kerimoğlu

Although Pınar Kerimoğlu noticed her love for design and talent, she quickly gained the admiration of women with the Lady Estrella brand.

Reflecting his emotions on his designs, Kerimoğlu's success in a short time comes from his original designs, which are completely handcrafted. We met with Kerimoğlu, who adds new dreams to his dreams every day, and talked about his excitement and brand, Lady Estrella.

I have a separate connection with each of my designs. Happy, sad, sleepy, angry; these feelings cause the curves in my lines to soften or sharpen. So there is no factory work. All of them are hand made, all designed and sewn individually. Finally, the most crucial part is its processing with Swarovski.