Amore Brand new Beaute Handcrafted Blush Pink Cover Pillow Felt Whi Floral $41 Amore Beaute Handcrafted Blush Pink Felt Floral Pillow Cover Whi Home Kitchen Bedding Amore Brand new Beaute Handcrafted Blush Pink Cover Pillow Felt Whi Floral /flavored862908.html,Pillow,Beaute,$41,Blush,Home Kitchen , Bedding,Pink,Cover,Amore,Handcrafted,Floral,Whi,,Felt /flavored862908.html,Pillow,Beaute,$41,Blush,Home Kitchen , Bedding,Pink,Cover,Amore,Handcrafted,Floral,Whi,,Felt $41 Amore Beaute Handcrafted Blush Pink Felt Floral Pillow Cover Whi Home Kitchen Bedding

Amore Brand new Beaute Handcrafted Blush Pink Cover Pillow Felt 2021new shipping free shipping Whi Floral

Amore Beaute Handcrafted Blush Pink Felt Floral Pillow Cover Whi


Amore Beaute Handcrafted Blush Pink Felt Floral Pillow Cover Whi

Product description


Large felt flower pillow cover in good quality felt on cotton pillow case. The big flower is sure to brighten your day and bring cheer to a couch or bedding. These make great gifts, dorm decor and can be used in the nursery as well.Details- INSERT NOT INCLUDED. This listing is for one pillow cover only. Flower is made from good quality felt.Same cotton on both sides. Backed by cotton lining. Zipper closure. Insert not included Customization- If you like a customized pillow or if have any questions about the product, please send me a message and I will be happy to work on it.

Amore Beaute Handcrafted Blush Pink Felt Floral Pillow Cover Whi

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