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Scott Hawaii Boston Mall Women's Anuhea Sandal Flop Flip Ladies with Surprise price Arch

Scott Hawaii Women's Anuhea Sandal | Ladies Flip Flop with Arch


Scott Hawaii Women's Anuhea Sandal | Ladies Flip Flop with Arch

Product Description

The Anuhea women's slipper will brighten up your day with its comfy neoprene-lined straps adorned with all the colors of the rainbow. It also features a NEW molded outsole that's sleek, lightweight, and offers all the arch and heel support Scott Hawaii is known for.

• Nylon strap with anti-chafe neoprene lining provides instant comfort

Avoid the dreaded sandal strap burn. Wetsuit style neoprene lining is soft next to skin and ensures a comfy fit well after the sun goes down.

• Brushed Rubalon insole balances instant comfort and durability

A Scott Hawaii innovation, Rubalon has the cushioning comfort of EVA foam with the support and durability of rubber. It gives the foam memory which molds to your foot so it can go the extra mile.

• Scott's new molded sole for women features arch support and heel cup

Anatomically designed to contour to your foot shape and provide sneaker-level support in your favorite beachside slippers. Our nonslip, nonmarking outsole is built for those long days on your feet.

Premium Quality And Detailed Craftsmanship Since 1932

Scott Hawaii was founded in 1932 by Elmer and Jean Scott. They came to Hawaii on vacation, fell in love with the islands and never looked back. To make a life for themselves they began manufacturing boots for the workers of the pineapple and sugar plantations so prevalent back in the day. The dawn of World War II brought many changes to the business environment in Hawaii, one being materials coming in short supply.



Scott Hawaii Women's Anuhea Sandal | Ladies Flip Flop with Arch

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