$27 Baileys Men's Pajamas Set Long Sleeve Button Down Pajama Plaid W Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Men $27 Baileys Men's Pajamas Set Long Sleeve Button Down Pajama Plaid W Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Men Long,Men's,$27,Button,Pajamas,mybitcart.com,Pajama,Baileys,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Men,Down,Sleeve,/forceable769309.html,Plaid,Set,W Long,Men's,$27,Button,Pajamas,mybitcart.com,Pajama,Baileys,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Men,Down,Sleeve,/forceable769309.html,Plaid,Set,W Baileys Men's Pajamas Set Long Sleeve Pajama Plaid W Button Recommendation Down Baileys Men's Pajamas Set Long Sleeve Pajama Plaid W Button Recommendation Down

Baileys Men's Pajamas Set Long Sleeve Rare Pajama Plaid W Button Recommendation Down

Baileys Men's Pajamas Set Long Sleeve Button Down Pajama Plaid W


Baileys Men's Pajamas Set Long Sleeve Button Down Pajama Plaid W

Product description

The Baileys men's Woven Sleepwear Pajamas sets are constructed with Strong thin amp; light broadcloth fabric comfortable enough to sleep in and wear around the house, With many years of experience Baileys has put in many years of research in their pajamas to bring you a comfort Pajama.

Some of Its Outstanding Features:
Comfortable Thin amp; Lightweight Pajamas.
55% Cotton 45% Poly.
Over a Dozen Different Sizes Available (including tall).
6 Different Styles Available.
Matching Robe.

The Top
Styled with lined collars to retain shape permanently.
Long sleeves and chest pocket.
Button front closure plus a button to close the collar.
Roomy, comfortable shaped arm holes.

The Bottom
Comfortable covered elastic waistband.
Adjustable buttons for a perfect fit.
Full wide cut for easy movement and maximum sleeping comfort.

Washing Instructions:
Wash in Warm Water Gentle Cycle.
Only Non-Chlorine Bleach When Needed.
Tumble Dry Low Heat

Sizing Recommendations:
SM: fit Chests 34-36", Waists 29-31", Inseam 30.25"
MD: fit Chests 38-40", Waists 32-34", Length 54", Inseam 30"
LG: fit Chests 42-44", Waists 36-38", Length 54", Inseam 30.25"
XL: fit Chests 46-48", Waists 40-42", Length 56", Inseam 30.25"
2X: fit Chests 50-52", Waists 44-46", Length 56", Inseam 29.75"
3X: fit Chests 54-56", Waists 48-50", Inseam 30.25"

Each individual garment passes the following inspection

☑ No Tears or Rips
☑ No Missing Parts
☑ No Marks
☑ No Fraying
☑ No Holes
☑ No Stains
☑ No Fading

Buy with confidence; no questions asked!.

☛ Just Click "Add To Cart" Now! ☚

Baileys Men's Pajamas Set Long Sleeve Button Down Pajama Plaid W

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