HongXingHai 3 in 1 Hammock with and Outdoo Rain Fly Net Ranking TOP15 Mosquito in,Outdoo,mybitcart.com,1,Sports Outdoors , Outdoor Recreation,and,Net,Mosquito,with,$34,/forceable823909.html,HongXingHai,Fly,Hammock,Rain,3 in,Outdoo,mybitcart.com,1,Sports Outdoors , Outdoor Recreation,and,Net,Mosquito,with,$34,/forceable823909.html,HongXingHai,Fly,Hammock,Rain,3 $34 HongXingHai 3 in 1 Hammock with Mosquito Net and Rain Fly Outdoo Sports Outdoors Outdoor Recreation HongXingHai 3 in 1 Hammock with and Outdoo Rain Fly Net Ranking TOP15 Mosquito $34 HongXingHai 3 in 1 Hammock with Mosquito Net and Rain Fly Outdoo Sports Outdoors Outdoor Recreation

HongXingHai 3 in 1 Hammock with and Outdoo Rain Fly Net Ranking Product TOP15 Mosquito

HongXingHai 3 in 1 Hammock with Mosquito Net and Rain Fly Outdoo


HongXingHai 3 in 1 Hammock with Mosquito Net and Rain Fly Outdoo

Product description


we offer 60 day guarantee and warraty,if there is any problem or breakage with items,we will full refund or replace for you

Any Questions, Please send us messages freely ,we will reply within 24 hours


Hammock material: 70D nylon Spinning (Parachute Cloth)

Mesh Material: Polyester Mesh

Waterproof Cover Material: 210T Polyester

Rod Material: 7 Series Aluminum Alloy

Expanded Size: 106 * 55 inches

Weight: 3.5 lbs

Load: 440 lbs

Storage size: 15.7*5.5* 4.7 inches

Package Includes:

Hammock with bug net x 1

Rain Cover x 1

Folding Aluminum Pole x 2

Aluminum alloy studs x 2

Strap x 2

Rope x 2

Aluminum alloy hook x 2

Carry bag x 1

HongXingHai 3 in 1 Hammock with Mosquito Net and Rain Fly Outdoo

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