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From Data to Discoveries to Decisions — In Minutes

Analytics that automate and optimize business outcomes  

Automate data prep and analytics. With 260+ drag-and-drop building blocks, start driving outcomes in minutes.

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Experience fully-guided machine learning, NLP, and visual text mining, or access built-in R and Python tools for additional flexibility.

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Automate repetitive, data-driven processes. Trigger automated actions and drive fast analytic outcomes into dashboards, applications, or RPA processes.

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  • Data
  • Docs
  • Access 80+ data sources, including spreadsheets, documents, cloud platforms, DB's, enterprise apps, process mining, RPA bots, and more.

  • Cloud Sources
  • Apps & RPA

Experience smart data blending in a drag-and-drop environment. Blend data from dozens of sources and augment insights with third-party data enrichment.

Automate all your reporting and analytics with actionable dashboards, docs, apps, and more.

Boost insights with fully guided, self-service data science and machine learning, rapid model creation, and model validation.

Use fully transparent models to identify data bias, validate data, and show how parameters impact strengths and weaknesses of outcomes and predictions.

Cleanse and reshape all data types, visualizing every step of the data transformation process. Explore your data with instantly-generated data profiles.

Enrich insights with location analytics and intelligence for trade area analysis, drivetime calculations, logistics routing, and more.

Leverage automation building blocks to apply the latest optimization techniques and find the best outcomes.

Experience guided and fully transparent predictive modeling, machine learning, and AI, and advanced Python and R frameworks.

  • Visual Dashboards
  • Files
  • Automate to 70+ outputs, including dashboards enterprise applications, documents, RPA systems, and more.

  • RPA Bots
  • Apps
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Join the Cloud. Access your analytics anytime, from anywhere.

Citizen data science: It’s powerful — if you do it right.

What’s new in Alteryx Designer

Solutions for You
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Starter Kits for Every Need

Quickly jumpstart your analytics with Alteryx Starter kits from improving sales, to automating tax and audit, optimizing your supply chain and dozens of other solutions. Leverage ready-to-use kits for analytics on Snowflake, Tableau, AWS, Azure and more. Taking the first step is easy!

Analytics Solutions

Jump-start your path to business-changing outcomes in Retail, Healthcare, Financial Services, Marketing, Finance, HR, and more.


Get up and running — fast — with Starter Kits for data blending, predictive, spatial, intelligence suite, and more.

Partner Solutions

See how easily Alteryx integrates with leading technologies including Microsoft Azure, AWS, Snowflake, Tableau, Salesforce, Qlik & more.

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Transforming Analytics for Thousands of Companies Globally

Simple, powerful analytics accelerate decision-making and drive transformative business outcomes for thousands of companies globally.


"Automation of [manual data] processes would allow us to provide insights quicker and help save lives.”

Founder and CEO, Castor EDC


As a global bank, our clients count on us for solutions and advice. To meet these demands, data is critical to our digital transformation initiatives. Integrated automation platforms enable us to not only accelerate our analytics and data science to provide the best quality service and automate many processes, they also upskill thousands of people across the bank and allow them to add even more value.

Director Data Science,


Ever since that first use case, I’ve been a huge fan of Alteryx. In fact, the other day when I showed one of our internal analysts a newly completed workflow, they were so impressed that they got their own team Alteryx licenses. There’s just something contagious about it.

Senior Business Analytics Manager,
The Coca-Cola Company


Alteryx has contributed to higher analyst productivity and has empowered them to devote more time to innovations and higher value-added initiatives such as improving patient experience and reducing length-of-stay and case variance.

VP of Enterprise Data Analytics and CDO,
Texas Health Resources


Our response time improved in getting answers that the business needs, with easy to follow and repeatable analytics. COVID-19 completely changed network traffic patterns as more people worked from home. The fast response in our network modelling, rollouts and automated monitoring was critical. We can now deliver digital-first solutions that improve our customer experience.

RAN Analytics and Automation Lead,
Vodafone New Zealand


Siemens Energy partners with Alteryx, allowing increased scaling in our company and providing self-service analytics to a wider group of our employees, making their daily work more efficient and enhancing our way of working.

Financial Head,
Siemens Energy Generation Solutions

Built for You
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Empowering Impressive Outcomes

Whatever your skillset, Alteryx brings simple and powerful analytics and data science to everyone and enables results beyond what was imagined.


A 100 hour-long analytic process - now to 2 minutes.


$1.5 billion top line sales increase with daily merchandising optimization.


20 times faster to create a diagnostic model.

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