Static,Rope,Sports Outdoors , Outdoor Recreation,St,Climbing,Low,YOMEGO,Heavy,10mm,Nylon,$25,Duty,Outdoor,,/hydrosalt1051845.html $25 YOMEGO 10mm Outdoor Climbing Rope Nylon Heavy Duty Static Low St Sports Outdoors Outdoor Recreation $25 YOMEGO 10mm Outdoor Climbing Rope Nylon Heavy Duty Static Low St Sports Outdoors Outdoor Recreation YOMEGO Deluxe 10mm Outdoor Climbing Rope Nylon Duty Heavy St Low Static Static,Rope,Sports Outdoors , Outdoor Recreation,St,Climbing,Low,YOMEGO,Heavy,10mm,Nylon,$25,Duty,Outdoor,,/hydrosalt1051845.html YOMEGO Deluxe 10mm Outdoor Climbing Rope Nylon Duty Heavy St Low Static

YOMEGO Deluxe 10mm Outdoor Climbing Rope Nylon Max 58% OFF Duty Heavy St Low Static

YOMEGO 10mm Outdoor Climbing Rope Nylon Heavy Duty Static Low St


YOMEGO 10mm Outdoor Climbing Rope Nylon Heavy Duty Static Low St

Product Description

YOMEGO Helps You Standing on Top of the World to View The Sky.

Climbing Rope on the Rock

YOMEGO 10mm Outdoor Climbing Rope Nylon Heavy Duty Static Rope with 2 Safety Carabiners for Escape, Rescue, Camping, Climbing

YOMEGO Static Ropes Besides Using it for Rock Climbing, It Can Also Be Used for Safety Rope at home Such as Create an Escape in Case of Fire, or When Climb on Your Roof to Pick up Something that Got Stuck. The Second Favorite Besides Rock Climbing is to Use it for the Hammock You Have, It's Just So Relaxing to Lay on your Hammock on top of the Mountain Or Use it for Tree Swing For your Kids.YOMEGO Static Rope, Keep Yours Safe and Make Full of Your Laughing and Happiness in Everywhere.


Rope Size: 10mm Diameter

Length:10M(32ft) 20M(64ft) 30M (96ft)

Weight: 10M(32ft): 1.63Lbs 20M(64ft): 3.0Lbs 30M (96ft): 4.30Lbs

Pull Tensile Force: 3000Lbs-5000Lbs

Note: Please Allow A Little Bit Error Due To Manual Measurement

YOMEGO Climbing Rope, Your Outdoor and Indoor Essential.

YOMEGO 10mm Outdoor Climbing Rope Nylon Heavy Duty Static Low St



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