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Dixon STC120 Plated Minneapolis Mall Steel Hose King Nipple Combination Fitting New life

Dixon STC120 Plated Steel Hose Fitting, King Combination Nipple


Dixon STC120 Plated Steel Hose Fitting, King Combination Nipple

Product description

Size:12" - 8 NPT Male x 12" Hose ID Barbed

This Dixon STC Series King combination nipple hose fitting is made of brass and connects hose to NPT male connection. This King combination nipple has a barbed end to create a tight seal on a hose when used with a hose clamp or crimp sleeve or ferrule (not included) and National Pipe Taper (NPT) male threads on the other to connect to NPT female connections. It is made of brass for corrosion resistance, ductility at high temperatures, and low magnetic permeability and is not recommended for steam applications.

Hose fittings connect, control, change the direction of, and terminate the flow in piping and hose systems. They are made of brass, stainless steel, galvanized steel, and other materials that resist corrosion, pressure, and wear. Hose fittings have various types of connections, including threaded, barbed, push-to-connect, dry disconnect, and others including those based on internationally-accepted specifications. Hose fittings are used in systems such as air compressors, automatic manufacturing operations, aircraft controls, and tire installation in industries including agriculture, mining, road construction, firefighting, and aviation.

Dixon Valve amp; Coupling Company manufactures pipe and hose fittings and accessories. The company, founded in 1916, is headquartered in Chestertown, MD.

Dixon STC120 Plated Steel Hose Fitting, King Combination Nipple





Maxima (CS59901-10-12PK) 10WT Grade-165/150 Racing Fork Fluid -November 25, 2016

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