HORZE Kids Active Knee Patch Horse Grip Tights 100% quality warranty! - Silicone $31 HORZE Kids Active Knee Patch Tights - Silicone Horse Grip Sports Outdoors Sports Fitness HORZE Kids Active Knee Patch Horse Grip Tights 100% quality warranty! - Silicone mybitcart.com,Grip,Active,Silicone,Kids,$31,Patch,Tights,Knee,-,/intenancy947128.html,HORZE,Sports Outdoors , Sports Fitness,Horse $31 HORZE Kids Active Knee Patch Tights - Silicone Horse Grip Sports Outdoors Sports Fitness mybitcart.com,Grip,Active,Silicone,Kids,$31,Patch,Tights,Knee,-,/intenancy947128.html,HORZE,Sports Outdoors , Sports Fitness,Horse

HORZE Kids Active Knee Patch Horse Grip Tights 100% quality wholesale warranty - Silicone

HORZE Kids Active Knee Patch Tights - Silicone Horse Grip


HORZE Kids Active Knee Patch Tights - Silicone Horse Grip

Product Description

Kids will love to pull on these comfortable full seat riding tights for a casual summertime ride. These easy pull-on junior tights will make your summertime rides cool and comfortable. Slip on these value-priced tights anytime and spend more time in the saddle. The elastic leg bottoms are designed for comfort without bulk or binding. The full seat style gives added shape and grip where you need it. Washing instructions: Machine wash warm. Do not use fabric softener.

  • The full seat style gives added shape and grip where you need it. Washing instructions: Machine wash warm. Do not use fabric softener.


HORZE Kids Active Knee Patch Tights - Silicone Horse Grip

Saturday, September 25, 2021
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