Automatic Food Vacuum Sealer Machine F for El Paso Mall Household Savers Machine,for,Sealer,Vacuum,F,/intercartilaginous767791.html,Savers,Food,$49,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,Automatic,Food,Household, $49 Automatic Food Vacuum Sealer Machine for Food Savers Household F Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining Machine,for,Sealer,Vacuum,F,/intercartilaginous767791.html,Savers,Food,$49,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,Automatic,Food,Household, $49 Automatic Food Vacuum Sealer Machine for Food Savers Household F Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining Automatic Food Vacuum Sealer Machine F for El Paso Mall Household Savers

Automatic Food Vacuum Sealer Machine Reservation F for El Paso Mall Household Savers

Automatic Food Vacuum Sealer Machine for Food Savers Household F


Automatic Food Vacuum Sealer Machine for Food Savers Household F

Product description

Removes air to preserves the freshness of food, reduces food waste and easy to cooking and meal preparation.Provide more convenience and economy.
Advantages of using food vacuum sealer:
Prolong freshness for food

Lock Moisture amp; Nutrition Remain vegetable vitamin amp; color intensive

What will you get:
1 * Vacuum Sealer Machine

1 * Power Cable

1 * Instruction

Rated voltage: 100-240V AC
Rated power: 90 W
Sealing time: 6 ~10 seconds
Vacuum Degre: -60Kpa
Material: ABS
Dimension: 38 x 10 x 9cm
Gross: 0.75 kg
Automation: Fully Automatic

Automatic Food Vacuum Sealer Machine for Food Savers Household F

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