Lib Tech Fees free!! Split BRD Splitboard $630 Lib Tech Split BRD Splitboard Sports Outdoors Outdoor Recreation Lib Tech Fees free!! Split BRD Splitboard $630 Lib Tech Split BRD Splitboard Sports Outdoors Outdoor Recreation Sports Outdoors , Outdoor Recreation,,Tech,Lib,Split,/magnisonant358733.html,BRD,$630,Splitboard Sports Outdoors , Outdoor Recreation,,Tech,Lib,Split,/magnisonant358733.html,BRD,$630,Splitboard

Sale Special Price Lib Tech Fees free Split BRD Splitboard

Lib Tech Split BRD Splitboard


Lib Tech Split BRD Splitboard

Product Description


Our dreamy split board. Light weight all Paulownia core and ultra light tip and tails. Directional shape with big floaty early rise nose for effortless descents. Tapered C3 camber body for stable efficient climbing and stability in technical terrain and at speed. 3-D integrated clip inserts. Fast running eco sublimated safety orange TNT base. Rugged eco sublimated bio-beans top material.


Lib Tech Split BRD Splitboard

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