EAVD Modern Style Solid Color Green At the price 100% Cover Soft King Duvet L L,EAVD,Color,Style,Cover,Home Kitchen , Bedding,$54,mybitcart.com,Solid,/malambo767204.html,Duvet,Green,Modern,100%,Soft,King EAVD Modern Style Solid Color Green At the price 100% Cover Soft King Duvet L L,EAVD,Color,Style,Cover,Home Kitchen , Bedding,$54,mybitcart.com,Solid,/malambo767204.html,Duvet,Green,Modern,100%,Soft,King $54 EAVD Modern Style Solid Color Green Duvet Cover King Soft 100% L Home Kitchen Bedding $54 EAVD Modern Style Solid Color Green Duvet Cover King Soft 100% L Home Kitchen Bedding

EAVD Modern Trust Style Solid Color Green At the price 100% Cover Soft King Duvet L

EAVD Modern Style Solid Color Green Duvet Cover King Soft 100% L


EAVD Modern Style Solid Color Green Duvet Cover King Soft 100% L

Product Description

EAVD is a high-quality store, focus on the home textile. We mainly sell Bedding Sets, Duvet Cover Set, Fitted Sheet, Blanket and Pillowcases.

Enjoy all valuable days and nights!!!

EAVD: Enjoy + EAVD: All + EAVD: Valuable + EAVD: Days and Nights


dark green duvet cover

This solid color duvet cover set adds natural color on your comforter and duvet to enhance your bed.

Design Inspiration:

  • Green is the color of nature, it represent hope, safe and life. It can bring hope and love in darkness and also green is very popular color among boys/girls/men/women

What is a duvet cover?

  • Our solid duvet bedding set is designed as a removable cover for your comforter, like a pillow case and pillow , keep your duvet clean and dry, it can prolong your favorite comforter/duvet life.

Unique Pattern:

  • The solid green duvet cover design to return to simplicity, not only make you feel more relax and comfortable life, but also well match any kinds of decoration styles. Simple modern contemporary design, Perfect choice for homeowners with sophisticated tastes in decoration home.
green comforter


  • Full/Queen Size Duvet Cover Set : 1* 90"x 90" Duvet Cover +2 * 20"x 26" Pillowcases, for full/queen Bed
  • King Duvet Cover Set: 1*104"x 90" Duvet Cover + 2 * 20"x 36" Pillowcases, for king bed


  • 1) Package is included 1 duvet cover and 2 matching pillowcases, Comforter /fitted sheet NOT Included!!!
  • 2) EASY CARE-----Machine wash in cold water on gentle cycle with similar colors, Do not bleach, Tumble dry low
  • 3) Please allow 1-3 cm error due to manual measurement
  • 4) Actual color may vary from the color on your screen due to monitor color restrictions.
green comforter

Convenient Design

  • Hidden zipper closure designed, easy to put your comforter in and out.
  • four ties in each corner of duvet cover keep comforter in place.
  • Pillowcases are button closure

Our modern style green duvet cover cotton bedding set provides you with a heavenly sleeping experience. Snuggle with this soft, lightweight and modern duvet cover to indulge in a blissful sleep. Our lightweight duvet cover set promises sweet vacation-quality slumber!

dark green duvet cover king

The solid color green duvet cover set is suitable for bedroom, guest room, school dormitory, hotel and so on. Great Bedding Gift Idea for wedding Holiday, Birthday, Anniversary, Halloween, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day.

Why you need at least one 100% long staple cotton duvet cover set at home?

  • Long staple cotton is the raw material handled by special process.It is softer and more comfortable than other materials. The duvet cover has good moisture absorption and moisture wicking­­­­­-------suitable for naked sleep
  • 100% long staple cotton duvet cover has good warmth and comfortable--the thickness of cloth is perfect for the four-season time
  • Cotton fabric is a natural fabric that does not cause any side effects when in contact with the skin­­­­­
  • Our duvet cover is resistant to shrinking, fading or tearing, tough enough to with standby frequent washing and dryer cycles., applicable to: KIDS TEENS AND ADULTS

Do not hesitate, get our modern style solid color green duvet cover set and enjoy 365 comfortable nights.

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Size Full/Queen/King Full/Queen/King Full/Queen/King Full/Queen/King Full/Queen/King Full/Queen/King
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Zipper Closure
Machine Washable

EAVD Modern Style Solid Color Green Duvet Cover King Soft 100% L

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