$157 Valerie Atkisson Modern Silhouette Centerpiece Nativity for Tabl Home Kitchen Seasonal Décor Tabl,$157,Modern,Centerpiece,Home Kitchen , Seasonal Décor,Valerie,Atkisson,/rud769534.html,Nativity,Silhouette,mybitcart.com,for Tabl,$157,Modern,Centerpiece,Home Kitchen , Seasonal Décor,Valerie,Atkisson,/rud769534.html,Nativity,Silhouette,mybitcart.com,for Valerie Atkisson Modern Silhouette Tabl Tulsa Mall Centerpiece for Nativity $157 Valerie Atkisson Modern Silhouette Centerpiece Nativity for Tabl Home Kitchen Seasonal Décor Valerie Atkisson Modern Silhouette Tabl Tulsa Mall Centerpiece for Nativity

Valerie Sale Special Price Atkisson Modern Silhouette Tabl Tulsa Mall Centerpiece for Nativity

Valerie Atkisson Modern Silhouette Centerpiece Nativity for Tabl


Valerie Atkisson Modern Silhouette Centerpiece Nativity for Tabl

Product description

Color:24k Gold

Modern Nativity Centerpiece describes the birth of the Christ Child with graceful simplicity, using silhouettes of the familiar figures of the Christmas story in original art pieces made of laser-cut steel. All figures in the nativity such as, wise men, Joseph, Mary, shepherds, goats, cows, chickens, and donkey look on reverently towards the baby Jesus. This creative Christian art piece may be displayed on dining room tables, end tables, mantels or since it is so intimate it would be a special addition to bedroom decor through the holidays. Modern Nativity conveys the true meaning of Christmas.

This eye-catching, modern creche is perfect for your home or collection and creates a three-dimensional diorama or sculpture and can be easily stored flat for future years. It arrives beautifully packaged in a protective pocketed cloth that can also be used for display and exquisite gift box. Modern Nativity arrives in two pieces that intersect in the middle forming a symbolic cross with the baby Jesus in the middle. It is the perfect nativity for small spaces and is a cinch to set up and take down. Modern Nativity is designed by the manufacturer, Valerie Atkisson. She loves nativities from all over the world and collects them, but she never found one that was made in the USA that looked really good in her contemporary home, so she came up with this design in paper first as a Christmas card then started making them out of metal for an high-end heirloom nativity set

Valerie Atkisson Modern Silhouette Centerpiece Nativity for Tabl

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vertical-align:
Spring Step Women's Fiorentina Heeled Sandal
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